“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.”
— Robert Frost

Our History

Adams & Uffelman is the legacy of a partnership that began in 1952, when James B. Castles and Albert R. Musick combined their Portland law practices to form Castles & Musick. You can learn more about our history here.

2016 – The firm name changes to Adams, Uffelman & Nguyen LLP with the departure of Francisco Ravelo. It continues doing business as Beaverton Law Group.

2011 – Cecilia Nguyen and Franciso Ravelo, as Ravelo Nguyen LLP, join Adams & Uffelman LLP to form Adams, Uffelman, Ravelo & Nguyen. The firm begins doing business as Beaverton Law Group.

1996 – John E. Uffelman joins the firm.

1994 – Barbara P. McFarland and James B. Richardson, both of Lewis & Clark College of Law, join the firm; after 33 years with the firm, Mr. Thompson opens a practice with his daughter.

1990 – Richard G. Helzer, of Oregon State University and Lewis & Clark College of Law, joins the firm.

1980 – Mr. Castles retires as Vice President of Tektronix; Mr. Lund is elected Judge of the Circuit Court of Washington County; the firm moves to its present location at Hall Street Station on September 22.

1978 – Mr. Lund becomes a District Court Judge.

1972 – Paul J. DeBast joins the firm.

1967 – Jon B. Lund, a Willamette University graduate, joins the firm.

1964 – Mr. Musick is appointed a Washington County Circuit Court Judge.

1961 – Mr. Castles assumes full-time duties as Secretary and General Counsel of Tektronix and withdraws from the partnership.

1961 – Robert E. Thompson and Rodney C. Adams, both graduates of Willamette University College of Law, join the firm and the partnership, now Castles, Musick, Thompson & Adams moves to a new office on Canyon Road.

1952 – Mr. Castles and Albert R. Musick combine their Portland law practices to form the Castles & Musick. The partners move to Beaverton to serve the needs of their fast-growing client, Tektronix, and practice from an office on Canyon Road.

1946 – Portland attorney James B. Castles incorporates a small electronics firm called Tektronix, Inc. The company began by assembling oscilloscopes from a garage on the east side of Beaverton.

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